Doug McLeod Returns!!!

by: Jupiter on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 1 comments! | Post your comment

Image: FSNorth Doug McLeod Back in late March of 2010, my family moved to a new house over a weekend. So I was offline for about 3 days. I get back to work on the following Monday morning only to find out that LONG TIME Gopher Hockey TV announcer Frank Mazzocco had been canned by FoxSports North. I was literally shocked about the news. I was also really pissed off as well. The voice of Gopher Hockey had been cast to the side without any regard to what the fans thought. What made everything worse was that FSNorth was replacing Frank with Anthony LaPanta. Yikes! I cannot stand LaPanta and a majority of the fans were not big fans of the decision either.

So 2 years have gone by since LaPanta took over for Mazzocco. I must say that I often turned off the TV volume and listened to Wally Shaver call the games on the radio. Since then, Frank has taken over for Glen Sonmor as a color commentator in the radio booth. So Wally & Frank, who used to call games on TV a long time ago are back together on the radio and I love it. But TV still sucked. Well, that was the case until recently.

This year FSNorth decided to change announcers for the Minnesota Wild and have pulled LaPanta from the Gopher broadcasts over to the Wild. Me, along with a ton of Gopher fans, rejoiced! But who were they going to get to replace LaPanta? Well after the fallout with Mazzocco, there was no way they would bring him back. Which is a bummer. So what did FSNorth do? They brought back a TV/Radio guy from the Gopher and North Stars past... Doug McLeod.

Doug has called Gopher hockey games on TV and Radio off and on from the late 70's to the early 90's. He also called quite a few State Hockey Tournament games as well. I have always loved how McLeod calls a game. So I am pretty excited to get reacquainted with his game calls. Here is what he told GopherSports.

"I'm thrilled and honored to return to the Gophers. This is the premier college hockey program in the country and it has always been my dream to come back to broadcast their games again. All my hockey roots are deeply planted in Minnesota and I'm looking forward to again saying, 'It's hockey night in Minnesota',"

Let me tell you Doug, the fans are even more thrilled and honored to have you back. We hope you stay for a long time and we cannot wait to hear your voice again in a few weeks! Welcome back!


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